"A warm blanket has always brought comfort to us since we were children.
We try to give some of that comfort back in the time of need."
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It's a
of a Blanket
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We make no sew fleece blankets with scriptures or
words of comfort embroidered on them. With the
help of
Life Gift (Texas' Organ Procurement
Organization) they are handed out in the local
hospitals of Texas to Donor's  family members at
the time of their greatest loss. It is our hope that the
families leave with something they can hold on to in
remembrance of their loved one.
We also attach a card to each blanket that provides
contact information and a '
Facebook' address. We
encourage people to come together and share their
stories of their loved one, their personal struggles,
and to help others who have faced similar
circumstances. It is our hope, that knowing you are
not alone and that there are others who might be
able to understand what you are going through will
help you make it through another day.
From our personal experience, the I.C.U. waiting
room is cold and uncomfortable. We were in one
for three days while we waited and did not think to
grab a blanket as we rushed out the door. It is our
hope and wish that these blankets given to the
family, may bring warmth and comfort as they wait
for news of their loved one.
Please, if you have experienced a tragic loss of a
loved one, and need someone to whom you can talk
contact us or find us on Facebook by searching
(its a heck of a blanket).

Thank You,
Shannon Lenox
Founder of (It's a "HECK" of a Blanket)